Man United is out

Mourinho’s decision to place Fellaini alongside Nemanja Matic in midfield resulted in a stagnant United engine room which was far too easily bypassed by Vincenzo Montella’s side. The Belgian’s aerial threat was clearly his main selling point but in truth they were far too disjointed to make the most of it, with a big gap often appearing between their five most attack-minded players and the five charged with limiting the damage at the back.

The Portuguese had clearly made an error in playing around with his attacking midfield line too as he attempted to get the best out of Alexis Sanchez to the detriment of Marcus Rashford. After the England front man’s explosive display from the left against Liverpool he found himself shunted to the right in a bid to get Sanchez into more spaces of his own liking.

The consequence for Rashford was that on the occasions he was able to get beyond defenders and into space, he had a corner flag facing him rather than the goal. And on the one occasion during the first half that he did get into a good crossing position he found six Sevilla defenders and no team-mates in the opposition box.

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